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Properties purchase

We render agency services  including search and inspection of properties for sale to our customers that intend to purchase property. Also conduct search and verification for title document  as well as negotiate and guard through successful transection. We arrange meeting with property owners and legal services to  facilitate proper documentation and ownership.

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Real Estate Marketing

We strategically market lands and houses for sale located at urban centers, commercial centers, business district areas, lucrative Development area and residential area for commercial real estate, residential real estate and industrial real estate investment through our network, partners and technology to target client. Also, we provide valuation services to our clients. 

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Real Estate Management

Our Estate Management services involved facilities management and maintenance, payment of necessary dues and taxes, collection of rents and appraisal of property.

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Commercial Lending

We give out commercial properties such as commercial residential apartment, shopping mails, offices and warehouses for rent and provide appraisal services to your Properties.

 However, we conduct search and apartment inspection for client seeking commercial properties.

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Building Materials supplier

Building materials supplier of the following items:

Toilet water container & sit
Shower bath
Washing zinc
Heater extractor
Gum cement
Lamb glob
Lamb glob
Cast doors
Steel doors
Water tanks
Burner and Oven

Building Development

Property Development involved renovation of existing building and development of land. We provide agency services to developer or individual that want to invest in real estate.

Building Construction

We take up building construction contract, design of  building plan, processing of all necessary documents and manage the building projects. We are results oriented.


Travels Services

We assist our clients to facilitate their visa procurement, provide visa advisory and administrative support for successful travels. We process student's visa, sports visa, Tourism/ vacation visa, Business visa, medical visa and entertainment visa. We let you sit and relax as you let us take care of every stage of your travel arrangements to minutes details. We inform you when and how you can reach your destination. And because it's all about you we design travel program to suit every individual travel needs weather corporate, single or couple. Our passion for education makes us to partner with institutions of higher learning and Universities for study abroad programs to students and professional.

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Package Tours

We organize tours for group, families, students, association, corporate organization. Educational tours for students/ pupils are given top priority. Our packages features trips to historical sites, monuments, zoos, museum and others places. We make sure that their tours help them in learning and research as well as go home with wonderful experience.

Family tours come with different packages for the family to have leisure, relaxation, funfair and wonderful experience. 

For corporate groups and association, we operate incentive package which provides highly rewards program with specialist delivery and tailored solution to ensure  company return of investment (ROI).

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Tourism Promotion

Our Tourism events' program aiming to promote tourism in the host state and the country at large. The program are in Culture, entertainments, sports, and tours to attract tourists to the host state and country at large. Our programs include carnivals, sports tourism, conference and tourism events.


Advertisement and exhibition of products and services are lucrative return of investment that we offer our partners to take advantage of the opportunity to reach out to people, tourists and prospective clients, create brand awareness of your products and makes up corporate social responsibility through the events.


Publication of our programs in our magazine " Transmag", travel and tourism magazine, national dailies and social media gives our partners wide advertisement and promote their products and services.

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Hospitality Promotion

Marketing of hotels and resorts to tourists and travellers through digital  marketing and online booking, print magazine and personal interview publication as well as exhibition. Our strategies include partnership with digital platform, magazine production and tourism events promotion.

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Business Consultant and IT services

Business Registration

We provide services to help you put your business in right perspective towards business growth both start up and existing business. We assist you to register your business according to types of business ventures including Enterprise registration, company registration and Limited by guarantee registration.

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Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing services includes search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), display advertising, social Media marketing, social Media management, contents writing, Email copywriting and copyright, email marketing, video editing, Website design and Development.

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About Us

Agateval was incorporated in Nigeria as AGATEVAL NIGERIA LTD with Registration number RC 1521912  . It's based in Lagos, Nigeria.